Up so high

Revitalising a traditional brand:
Starting in 2021, deuter will appear in a fresh new brand design that sums up what the market leader stands for. And speaks to a target group of young alpine sports enthusiasts.



deuter has long been omnipresent in the German-speaking world. But its logo – in use for over 30 years – had aged and needed a revamp. Not only was it time to boldly redefine the company’s wordmark, but the brand design also needed some freshening up. The aim: make deuter appear more modern and salient, especially on products and online.



Shared success

With a highly dynamic new brand appearance and redesigned logo, deuter is in a good position to convince consumers starting with its 2021 product portfolio. Our brand strategy and brand design teams redefined the company as a brand for alpine sports. The first visual proof is the distinctive new “deuter d” logo. It’s both younger and more closely linked to the mountains.

Brand Workshop

An evolution or a radical new beginning?

In a workshop we discussed different routes to the new deuter logo. How close should the brand’s new look stay to its traditional one? Ultimately a direction was selected: create a modern visual language and progressive brand design. The results of a brand survey conducted by Zeichen & Wunder played a role in this decision. They revealed that the target group of young alpine sports fans value a recognisable brand.

“Highly experienced, reliable and creative, Zeichen & Wunder was the perfect partner for us. We are delighted with the final results and can hardly wait for our relaunch in 2021.”

Christina Völlinger
Head of Marketing at deuter

Hands on: A glance at deuter’s logo through the decades exemplifies how, time and again, the company has reinvented itself. And that it doesn’t shy away from radical change. Working together, we’ve ushered this tradition into the future – with a logo that continues to speak to loyal customers of the brand, while also catching the eye of the target group and standing out from international competitors.

Based on the updated brand strategy, we collaborated with deuter to create a brand statement and brand flyer. Both were revealed at the 2021 International Sales Meeting where it once again became apparent that truly coherent brand design always needs a solid strategic foundation. The brand flyer illustrates why it was time for a new logo. And that deuter stands for alpine sports, accountability, and craftsmanship.

The dynamic d – convincing in all sizes!

The new “deuter d” is highly scalable, meaning it works exceptionally well in all digital applications as well as on products – whether on tiny rucksack clasps or stitched. The dynamic, two-part “d” draws attention to the brand, giving it a tidy, modern twist. The wordmark with bespoke typeface along with the complementary brand design, both shown in the 2021 campaign, portray the brand as a down-to-earth, likeable and elegant trailblazer – based on the brand identity values.

“Over the past 120 years deuter always reinvented itself. Our ability to be courageous and innovative from early on set the right tone. Now we’re heading into the future with a new logo and a new brand design.”

Robert Schieferle
Managing Director of deuter

A dynamic campaign with target-group appeal

The campaign, which starts immediately under the tagline #deuterforever in outdoor magazines, social media, online and at the point of sale, wins over target groups with personable athletes and brand ambassadors from the deuter family. By focusing on sports-oriented individuals – alpinists, climbers and bikers – it successfully addresses a diverse community.

A brand movie accompanies the campaign – and beyond

The energetic, cross-campaign brand movie makes deuter tangible below the line and at festivals. Powerful and dynamic, it features personable athletes and a clear message: nothing is closer to the mountains than deuter. With the launch of its progressive new logo, deuter has taken a decisive step forward.