4 cl DAZWISCHEN Sloe Gin

(Botanicals: juniper, coriander, liquorice, cassia, cinnamon)

+ fresh sloes

+ tonic water


For that moment “in between” 


Zeichen & Wunder

Come upstairs, feel welcome. Walk in, feel the sunshine. Share thoughts, dream up new ideas, raise your glasses, be happy. Last year, we decided to make one of our wishes come true: A space for “before” and “after”, a space to think and have the chance to talk to each other far away from the daily rush. Welcome to our salon – let’s raise a toast! With our very own “Dazwischen” Sloe Gin, bottled by us at Rumfordstrasse 34.

Content is king! This is why we decided to create our own “Dazwischen” Sloe Gin in house: with fresh Bavarian sloes, harvested by hand after the first frost. Sloes and juniper aren’t just on the list of ingredients – the botanicals give the gin its rich red colour, and are also featured on the packaging.