• Overall concept development
  • Layout concept development
  • Magazine concept development
  • Imagery and photo shoot
  • Tone of voice
  • Copy development


The “urban outdoor culture” success story 

Sporthaus Schuster

It was time for a little revolution: Now, “urban outdoor culture” has become an established part of the Schuster catalogue and product range.

Munich in particular is home to many people who are passionate about two things in life: the city and nature. In 2017, we developed the “urban outdoor culture” concept to bring this feeling to life – with a unique logo, a major OOH campaign and a pilot space at the Rosenstrasse location. 

“We also developed a characteristic layout that literally falls outside the grid to reflect this characteristic lifestyle led between the urban jungle and the mountains.”

Cornelie Eisenmann

Design, Zeichen & Wunder

Everyone loved the concept so much that it now has a permanent spot at Schuster – including its own retail space on the ground floor of the Rosenstrasse location, and a dedicated section in the catalogue. We developed a unique magazine concept for the 24 pages on urban outdoor culture with a tone of voice and look that stands apart from the classic Schuster catalogue pages. Appealing to the target audience with emotional, inspiring stories plays a major role here. In addition to presenting products, these pages include little stories and tips on interesting excursions in the city and country. 

All of the catalogue motifs were created in a special photo shoot to capture Munich’s special urban outdoor culture lifestyle in emotional images: from the Friedensengel monument to the Isarhorn camping grounds, from the Container Collective to Lake Walchen. These photos are used in the catalogue, at the PoS, and in all other communication, including postcards and inserts. 

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