• Self-image/public image analysis
  • Brand workshops
  • Brand identity
  • Brand values, positioning
  • Brand summary
  • Brand texts
  • Moodboards
  • Internal implementation
  • Sales training (national and international)
  • Brand implementation package
  • Brand card
  • Digital company presentation
  • Brand magazine


Little red tag, big impact: brand identity


Founder Peter Reisenthel has a very clear idea of the feel of his brand. The challenge in developing the reisenthel identity was bringing this attitude to life in written form. This is why we organised two workshops with the “reisenthels” to explore which characteristics define the brand. The result: An accessible identity as a tool for managing the brand’s future direction – including a brand implementation package.

The new brand card is a compact resource for everyday use – easy to understand, memorable and free of clichés. Our branding experts organised training sessions to show German and international sales staff at reisenthel how to use this in their everyday work.

The company presentation tests the identity in practice: The structure, themes and headlines were derived on the basis of the new identity. Now, all brand ambassadors know exactly how reisenthel expresses its identity every day, everywhere around the world – and can grasp the feeling of the brand.

“The brand to go: The flag-format brand magazine presents topics about the brand in an emotional way. It is geared towards all fans of the brand as well as those who want to be.”

Annika Kaltenthaler

Creative Director, Zeichen & Wunder

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