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The task
Herrmannsdorfer is a family-owned company focused on sustainability, the humane treatment of animals and ecological food processing long before “organic” became trendy. The company’s high-quality products are sold at organic supermarkets and Herrmannsdorfer’s 12 stores throughout Germany. It was necessary to update the entire brand design to continue Herrmannsdorfer’s identity as a pioneer and “free spirit” in the organic products segment while ensuring the company’s future viability.

Our idea
We wanted to strengthen the well-known “Herrmannsdorfer” name and create a clear brand architecture with “Herrmannsdorfer” as the umbrella brand. Ecological quality, artisanal production and references to the Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten farms in Glonn are part of the brand’s unique character. This is visualised in a new, distinctive wordmark: We designed a handwritten logotype to give the brand a more likeable, characteristic look. The company uses this “personal signature” to vouch for the quality of their products with their good name. The wordmark still has an exclusive, contemporary look that will also appeal to younger audiences. The new abbreviated form “He” can also be used in a wide variety of ways, including as a seal of quality.

We kept the well-known Herrmannsdorfer green colour as a familiar design element, but chose a fresher, more modern shade. New secondary colours mark price and special offer signs. We also developed a series of charming, clearly recognisable pictograms, which can be used to label foods, other products, etc. We also updated the famed pearl-wearing pig to give it a new, unique look. In addition to creating stationery, including business cards, stamps and letterhead, we designed new truck stickers and communication such as brochures, flyers and the weekly market newsletter. Zeichen & Wunder developed a new layout system for these media. A comprehensive website relaunch is planned for 2016.

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