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Distinctive brand design for a new character beer

Brauereigenossenschaft Ismaning

Zeichen & Wunder created a striking visual identity for the unfiltered beer from the new Ismaninger Brauereigenossenschaft. It features a lovely logo and brand design as fresh and distinctive as the beer, inducing a sense of identity and charm – just like the traditional community in Munich’s North.

The label on the beer bottle, featuring a “Griasdi” (“welcome”) sign and charming illustrations, calls attention to Ismaning, the place of origin of the mild light beer (“Helles”). The logo features the industrial water tower landmark, and the signature refers to the new cooperative.

As a producer of a contemporary product located in a place with 1,200 years of history, “Ismaninger” is a great fit for Zeichen & Wunder. The agency has supported the trend of identity-building products from especially likable manufacturers for years now.

„Es ist mir eine Ehre, das Bier meines Heimat­ortes vom Bierfilzl bis zum Online­auftritt kommuni­kativ begleiten zu dürfen. Gleichzeitig finde ich den Trend zu lokalen Manu­fakturen und identitäts­stiftenden Produkten aber auch besonders sympathisch.“

Irmgard Hesse

Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin

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