Munich’s higher authority

A genuine Munich brand from a one source. After first partnering with the sports retailer Sporthaus Schuster in 2006, we have continuously evolved the brand to become the success it is today – across all touchpoints.


A Munich-based, family-run business with a longstanding tradition, expertise in alpine sports – and a lot of competition. When our partnership with Sporthaus Schuster began, our original task was to create a strong new brand design that would project a clear, unmistakable image to the outside world, and thus stand out from big sports retailer chains. Numerous projects have since followed: from a Brand Story to retail design, events to campaigns, catalogues to websites.

Shared success

Schuster is an institution in Munich, and benchmark in Europe, in terms of retail concepts and revenue per square metre. Our far-reaching, continuous evolution of the brand, along with suitable on-brand activities, have given the store its distinctive look, inside and out. The brand’s perception and its radiance are undeniable. It’s the likeable, credible authority for traditional alpine sports and Munich’s urban outdoor way of life.

Identification via an image campaign

Schuster employees are experts who know what they are talking about. The image campaign literally puts the employees in the spotlight, making them brand ambassadors of the family-owned company. Ernst, Philipp, Miriam and Stephan all share a passion for alpine sports. Their first-hand experience puts them in a position to give their customers the best-possible advice. Over the course of many years, we’ve created numerous inspiring images that help Schuster to generate awareness.

The authority at Marienplatz in Munich

Which company can look back on a 100-year history? Sporthaus Schuster has so much to say. Countless documents share great expeditions and world-famous first ascents. We bring these stories to life, strengthening the unique sports retailer’s position as mountaineering experts. The logo design also calls back to its traditional alpine roots: in addition to modernising the lettering and colour, we brought back the company’s historical icon of a mountain. The new brand design has successfully ushered Sporthaus Schuster into the modern era, without losing sight of the rich identity-forming history.


Strategy for success – a strong identity and strong partners

As lead agency since 2006, we are part of Schuster’s inner circle and support the sports retailer in continuously evolving its brand. Over the years, our close connection has enabled us to reach new heights together. From boiling down the brand values and brand core, to creating a tagline and writing the Brand Story: every design and measure is strategically based on the company’s unmistakable brand identity.

Zeichen & Wunder

“Schuster is so much more than ‘just’ a sports retailer. It has amazing employees, real-life sports know-how, and love for the mountains. Its Brand Story summarises everything that makes Schuster stand out – and says everything you need to know about the brand.”

Irmgard Hesse
Managing Director

One brand – many looks

The in-store Alpina Bar. Guslt, a shop in shop. Urban outdoor culture as a concept – and selection of products. Sporthaus Schuster has many sides. We’ve designed a unique CI for each – one that clearly comes from one source and belongs to the overarching central idea of Schuster’s brand identity. This also applies to seasonal campaigns and special occasions, such as the company’s 100th anniversary or the World Cup.

Urban outdoor culture: Munich’s way of life meets a passion for the outdoors

At the heart of the city. Yet quickly outside in the country. Cycling to work, taking the van to the mountains. We call this way of life urban outdoor culture. A new selection of products, a new target audience, and a spot-on communication concept. Originally implemented with the German Roamers photography collective as a campaign, urban outdoor has assumed a permanent place in the catalogue and instore. Social media and influencer activities cover topics in a way that captures the zeitgeist and reaches its young target audience. Zeichen & Wunder created an OOH campaign, a photo shoot, magazine concept, postcards, a microsite, and even a retail concept.

A customer loyalty programme with its own logo

Schuster’s customer loyalty programme turns fans into mountaineers. Instead of collecting points with each purchase, they collect meters of altitude and reap many benefits. In addition to a customer card, new members receive a complete starter package with its own logo and look. This immediately conveys a special ‘Schuster and me feeling’, providing an authentic and emotional segue to the world of mountaineering.

Analogue and digital

The longstanding Schuster catalogue was a beloved authority, always reflecting the spirit of the times. Its gradual transition to digital follows the same principle. The result: Contemporary, more images, faster, more ecological – yet 100% charming and absolutely Schuster. Be it print or online, we consult the sports retailer on all communication activities, and implement them on point. Analogue, digital, from one source. This allows Schuster to reach its customers (and those who aspire to be) tomorrow and beyond, in a wide range of media.