An innovation showroom

A place to experience user-centric design: SAP Experience Centers make abstract solutions comprehendible. And revolutionize the customer experience worldwide.


The latest innovations and professional solutions fuse with technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence: SAP aims to bring the innovation process to a new level globally, and actively support customers on their path to becoming intelligent enterprises. To do so, the company wanted to create an inspirational customer experience and provide a space for collaboration. Our task was to develop and implement a suitable customer experience concept – globally scalable and pioneering in the industry.

Shared success

Information and inspiration await SAP customers at the new SAP Experience Centers. Via showcases, companies can interact with and test SAP innovations first-hand. These flexible showcases are easily adaptable to suit the specific needs of each customer. Our scope of work covered the exhibition design, interactive exhibits and a consistent user experience fot the “Inspire Area“ at SAP headquarters. We also created guidelines on scaling the concept globally.

Modular, flexible, state of the art

The focal points of the exhibition reflect the phases of the customer innovation process. Highly flexible by design, the system consists of movable wall modules and tables. Large touchscreens as well as light boxes, surfaces with graphics and interactive exhibits can be easily swapped in or out. This allows showcases, media and content to be altered and updated with minimal effort.

The first SAP Experience Center in Walldorf

The pilot project for the redesigned SAP Experience Center was staged in Walldorf. From blockchain technology and machine learning to artificial intelligence and data analytics: at 20 one-of-a-kind stations across 120 square meters customers can experience and interact with SAP technologies. They are invited to learn interactively and, in collaboration with SAP co-creators, become intelligent companies in their own right.


A customisable showroom

Consistent user-centric design is a fundamental principle of SAP products. This principle was to be perceptible at all SAP Experience Centers. Here, customers across the world should be able to get to know SAP’s innovative solutions – interactively and precisely tailored to their needs.

We help the show run better – concept and planning from one source

In addition to the concept for the exhibition architecture and key brand elements such as colour palette, typography, materials, lighting and communication, we also developed many of the interactive showcases. This enabled us to efficiently marry content related and formal aspects, and seamlessly incorporate the requirements into our planning.

Zeichen & Wunder

"Brands must stimulate all the senses. SAP combines inspiration with opportunities for interaction and exchange. The resulting brand loyalty is unattainable without a spatial experience."

Patrick von Hausen
Director Brand Spaces

From Walldorf out to the world

For the global rollout, we developed a modular system that includes an order catalogue and global guidelines. The result: a globally-scalable concept with consistent branding across all countries and levels. After a successful premiere in Walldorf, SAP Experience Centers around the world will follow.

Colour meets content

On over 600 pages in 5 beautifully produced volumes, the SAP Experience Center Strategy Guides combine strategic insights with practical tips and best practice examples. They serve as a blueprint for the definition and implementation of new SAP customer centers worldwide. For local teams, the practical reference guides are also a source of inspiration: the five uniquely colour-coded volumes are enclosed in an eye-catching, high-quality black slipcase. We also created the content for the Facility and IT Guide. Each section of the Experience Center was developed with great attention to detail to reflect a specific SAP look, and clearly exemplifies how the brand can be experienced there with all the senses.

Zeichen & Wunder

"Strategic guidelines can be beautiful. Success to us means making complex content user-friendly and ensuring clients enjoy working with it.”

Nora Senges
Senior Designerin