History Is Not the Past

The Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism confronts the city’s Nazi history, focusing on what it means for the past and the future. By creating a modern brand design, we helped the centre present itself as an open, future-oriented place to educate and remember.



The Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism had just celebrated its fifth anniversary. At the time it had welcomed over 750,000 visitors, many of whom were increasingly concerned with the topics and challenges of our time. A new corporate design was to facilitate the centre’s aim to not only document history, but also make it tangible on an emotional level. Our collaboration is set to continue for several years during which we will design graphics and the website as well as create print material and digital content.

Shared success

New of-the-times branding helps raise awareness about the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism – giving it an appearance online and in print that nails down the centre’s self-image. Inspired by the architecture of the new building, the minimalist logo ties in with the former design and is complemented by a vibrant design system. The result clearly presents the centre in a contemporary way and accommodates a new online platform that’s set to premiere in 2021.



Inspired by the past. Focused on the future.

We selected a decorative typeface inspired by a book cover from Library of Burnt Books, works burnt by the Nazis for not complying with their ideology. The lively interplay of typography and the lines of communication will shape people’s perception of centre in the future and have been fully thought through.

A new digital platform from 2021 on

To clearly communicate information, the centre’s new online platform inspires people to engage with a topic that remains highly relevant today. On a responsive website that suits all devices, different target audiences are invited to explore a wide range of digital content, such as educational videos and digital tours.

Successful premiere

The new look made its debut at the opening of the temporary “Heimrad Bäcker” exhibition, which was communicated Munich-wide on postcards, flyers, facades and posters, as well as on Instagram. Each exhibition at the centre gets its own appearance within the corporate identity, making each visibly distinct yet closely intertwined with the centre.