Munich on the move

All modes of transport in one place: The city of Munich launched a new mobility brand, positioning itself as a place with innovative mobility solutions that meet a wide range of target audiences’ needs.


How to create a mobility offer that’s both of the times and suitable for cities? This is one of the biggest topics we face today. An overarching campaign should show how the city of Munich answers this question – while arousing interest in intelligent mobility concepts.

Shared success

München unterwegs, which roughly means “Munich on the move”, has been well received by both the city and its residents. With a clean, clear look that appeals to all target audiences and suits all modes of transport, the umbrella brand encourages people to cleverly combine the types of mobility they use. A complementary digital platform provides extensive information on the topic while also presenting the range of mobility offers.

A clever compass

In workshops, our brand strategy and brand design teams worked together with representatives from the Bavarian capital to define the new brand that stands for intermodal mobility in Munich. A brand statement served as both a guideline and inspiration for the next steps: the brand’s appearance, website, campaign and first radio spots.

Tailor-made mobility mix

With complete information about Munich’s mobility services, the online platform offers different entry points to ensure the needs of all target audiences are met. A filter lets users easily search for their desired mode of transport. Additionally, the website covers the key topics in detail: alternatives to car ownership, safety and the future. Eye-catching icons for each type of transport raise awareness among local residents about contemporary forms of mobility, for example, sharing instead of ownership. Paired with a catch brand statement, they provide clear orientation.

A strong brand with many options

At the core of the brand’s appearance is a wordmark that visually captures the topic of mobility. A dot on the “M” marks the starting point; the yellow pin above the “U” the destination. Both are encircled by a blue oval. The bold, self-assured letters round off the overall picture: the brand represents the city’s full mobility offer, helping residents understand the multitude of options.

Likeable and present: a strong campaign for new mobility in Munich

Accompanying the website’s launch is testimonial campaign that appears throughout the city. It shows local residents with their favourite mode of transportation. The message of the campaign is the brand’s guiding statement, which roughly translates to “Move more than just yourself”. In future this message will remain at the core of München unterwegs.

Scavenger hunt 2.0: An interactive game encourages Munich’s younger residents to explore their neighbourhood – on foot, or by scooter or bike. Our brand designers had a blast creating the look of the game, which is played in teams, as well as its online presence.

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