simply Munich

At once a home and a place to long for. München Tourismus, Munich’s tourist office, gets an all-new look – in the form of a fresh new brand appearance.


A new tourism brand wanted to express the full range of what makes Munich stand out. How could we brand the city in a way that is equally recognisable, charming and clear – for residents and tourists alike?

Shared success

Welcome to the most beautiful city in the world. Our new brand design for the metropolis on the Isar playfully shows how Munich invites you to enjoy its singular lifestyle, full of eating, drinking and cultural activities. In a way that both visitors from around the world and the city’s inhabitants understand and appreciate.

München Tourismus

“As the most attractive European city for loving life – thanks to great food and drink, and cultural activities – Munich is the only place where you can actually experience the way of life for yourself.”

City of Munich
Department of Labour and Economy

Jürgen Muth, Geraldine Knudson, Josef Schmid

Well-positioned – both geographically and strategically

Gemütlich and authentic, convivial and cosmopolitan – there are many sides to Munich. In hands on workshops with representatives from the city, we nailed down what makes Munich so unique. Additionally, we determined how to strategically position the city to be attractive to international tourists. The result: good food and drink, cultural activities, and a one-of-a-kind way of life – that’s simply Munich.



A new brand design that’s as smart as Munich is

We boiled down the cosmopolitan city’s zest for life into a likeable text logo with an image. The colour palette – yellow like the sun, green like the grass and blue like the Isar – joins forces with catchy headlines to communicate the full wealth Munich has to offer – attention-grabbing and suitable for a range of media. Bold patterns and illustrative icons round out the package. Authentic yet playful, the new brand design represents home for Munich residents while calling out to tourists worldwide in a hospitable and open way.

Portraits tell stories from the city

Classy Munich-specific portraits, fun details and slices of life on large posters appear in ads, brochures, giveaways and online. They make the city’s lifestyle tangible in a way you can’t help but giggle about – whether you live here or are simply visiting.

Simply unmistakable: Branding on rickshaws, jute bags and beyond

Beyond telling stories about the city, the new brand design is part of today’s cityscape. From buttons to tramway cars, it shows visitors the many sides of Munich. And reminds its inhabitants about how beautiful their hometown is.

Zeichen & Wunder

”The new corporate design let us lay the foundation for telling stories about Munich with a smile.”
Little red tag – big impact. 7

Annika Kaltenthaler
Creative Director

One brand, many partners – all under the ‘simply Munich’ umbrella

Under the new umbrella brand ‘simply Munich’, München Tourismus centrally communicates for the city as well as for partners from the tourism industry. Official partners are allowed to use the corporate design in their own ad material. To ensure consistent communication and a clear sender, we developed a separate manual for partner communication.