Beautiful. Powerful. You.

From a home shopping company to a vibrant consumer brand: we brought Judith Williams’ charisma to life by creating a new brand design that’s won over many new fans.


Consumers’ perception of Judith Williams was closely intertwined with her presence on HSE24. For the launch of her new product line at dm chemists – the brand’s premiere at a retail store – a new brand design and packaging was needed. The products were to speak for themselves by providing the right information and building the brand. Plus, they should appeal to a new, younger target audience.

Shared success

Following the principle of “beautiful + powerful”, the new brand design brings Judith Williams’ charisma to life. It also tells a consistent story – starting with the packaging and continuing on throughout the brand. The response to the new retail brand needs no further explanation: excitement for the brand relaunch, countless likes in social media, and impressive sales figures. After starting with just one product, over four product lines in the areas of skincare and makeup are now available for purchase at dm chemists.


Home shopping brand

Retail brand

Vision meets know-how: a creative partnership

Our close collaboration with Judith Williams spans both the launch of the new product lines and on-going evolution of the brand. The many workshops and productive, creative alignment meetings have allowed us as a team to bring the entrepreneur’s vision to life. Her ideas, energy and excitement along with her ambition and beauty know-how have become infectious at the agency.

“beautiful + powerful”: brand design bursting with character

The new brand design picks up on a central idea based on two of Judith Williams’ traits, “beautiful” and “powerful”. From logo to the colour palette, we wove in these characteristics all the way down to the last detail. The logo features Judith Williams’ name in a striking typeface. Bold primary colours intertwine with delicate pastel tones and the strapline underscores the message, tying it all together: Beautiful. Powerful. You. The whole concept is as glamorous, feminine and energetic as the self-made entrepreneur herself.

Nurturing contacts: bringing the brand to life

Whether at a trade fair booth, on packing at the PoS, in print or online, the new brand design works in every application. The new Judith Williams Cosmetics brand doesn’t just look good, it tugs at the heart of its target audience. Judith Williams – a symbol of a strong, sensual and powerful woman.

From brand design to brand experience

At Judith Williams Beauty World in Innsbruck the brand becomes an experience. Here, we applied the Judith Williams’ design and shape principles, creating a space that straddles a lab and a living room. In an open space that puts the products in the spotlight, Beauty World offers inspiring insights into the products’ creation story in the onsite beauty lab as well as their application in the in-house cosmetic studio. The dynamic highlight discs, designed by Zeichen & Wunder, serve as eye-catching room partitions, instantly transforming the beauty lounge into a backdrop for video shoots and live streaming on Instagram.

Zeichen & Wunder

Never change a winning team: working in close collaboration with Judith Williams, Zeichen & Wunder developed packaging for multiple skincare lines stocked at dm chemists.

From home shopping to retail stores

For the launch of the EGF product line in retail outlets in 2017, we created charmingly designed product packaging. Three years later, we refreshed the line visually and gave it a catchy, clear name: Hyaluron Aktiv. The all-new packaging design has wide appeal at dm chemists – including a younger target audience.

Stay bold, stay gold – radiant through and through

Lovely details and high-quality production make the brand design even more likeable and radiant. Endearing icons are also used as additional design elements. They help to convey information at a glance in an easily understandable way while a unique illustrated pattern creates a riveting background. A hot stamped gold foil accent gives the packaging a sparkling and eye-catching finish touch.

Zeichen & Wunder

“We’re delighted about the brand’s fast success at dm. What made this project especially exciting was the chance to evolve a home shopping brand into a salient, eye-catching consumer brand that works on store shelves.”
Little red tag – big impact. 7

Annika Kaltenthaler
Creative Director

“Judith’s” – the brand’s first makeup line at dm chemists

After successfully launching her first skincare series at dm chemists, entrepreneur Judith Williams joined forces with us to create packing for her new makeup collection. Named “Judith’s”, the cosmetics line represents a selection of her all-time favourite products. She speaks personally to her customers, just like she would to a real-life friend, saying “My insider’s tip, from me, to you!” This clever positioning elevates the brand, making it stand out in a competitive cosmetics market.