The future is making history

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft celebrates 70 years with an innovative, omni-channel campaign – that lasts a whole year long.


72 institutes with over 26,600 researchers, engineers and pioneers worldwide that work on the key topics of tomorrow: meet the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. In 2019, it turned 70 years old. So, how do you create and deploy a campaign that lets people experience what makes the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft unique – for an entire year and beyond.

Shared success

Drawing on their backgrounds in brand design, brand strategy and brand spaces, our teams developed an inspiring central idea rooted in the organisation’s brand identity. This was played out in an innovative campaign that appeared at events and trade fairs, on- and offline. Along the lines of “70 years of Fraunhofer. 70 years of future. #WHATSNEXT”, the largest organization for applied research in Europe didn’t just celebrate the past. Above all, it looked towards the future.

The strategic foundation: our main storyline

To start, we drew up a main storyline that brings to life what Fraunhofer stands for. Over 26,600 researchers, engineers and pioneers at 72 institutes worldwide who work on future-oriented topics like 5G and the world’s most efficient solar cell. Along with an anniversary motto and a campaign look, we derived a range of measures and activities based on the storyline. From a customer magazine to a kick-off ceremony in the presence of high-ranking scientists and politicians from all over the world. And a trade fair appearance to a branded façade at the Fraunhofer headquarters in Munich.

Colour spectra related to research fields

On a visual level, colour spectra nod to the research field of optician and physicist Joseph von Fraunhofer. They also underline the broad range of the organization’s inventions and advances as well as the diversity of its employees. Finally, the use of colour also emphasizes the vast opportunities the future holds.

A campaign at events and trade fairs, on- and offline

An intriguing film also brings the celebratory message to life. Along with other formats, it coherently communicates to employees, partners, customers and interested parties what makes Fraunhofer stand out: enthusiasm for tomorrow’s solutions.

Zeichen & Wunder

“We really dug deep into the organization – and ultimately found a broad mix of future-oriented design and content that translates a fascination with research and the Fraunhofer spirit into accessible, lively communication.”

Irmgard Hesse
Managing Partner

In cooperation with ET Global