Brand Story®

People are always keen to know the whole story! 

Strong brand personalities need stories to demonstrate and exemplify their qualities. The challenge is to find and tell this brand story in such a way that it brings the unique character of the brand to life. 

The brand story breathes life into your brand. First, we define the main story themes that are characteristic of your brand. We then create a narrative and an exciting brand story that appeals to the emotions of your customers. The dramatic composition is focused on the essentials, but allows for episodes to be added as desired. This is how we create a recurring theme for your entire brand communication. 

Developing a brand story often reveals surprising perspectives and angles on your brand. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes – you’ll discover truly fascinating stories. 

Zeichen & Wunder already told the stories of brands such as BMW i3, MINI, Naturkundemuseum Bayern, onmyskin, reisenthel and many others.

– Content Workshops
– Overall Concept / Creative Guiding Idea
– Key Messages
– Language and Tonality
– Master Copies
– Strapline
– Naming
– Brand Story Book

So arbeiten wir

Research and analysis
Target group interviews and trend analysis
Theme clusters
The whole story in one sentence
Brand Story Book


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Brand Story for the new B2C brand


Development of the Brand Story