Brand Design

Without content, there is no design. We believe that design needs to appeal to both the heart and mind at the same time. 

Our design development process is closely integrated with our strategy, and follows a clear overarching idea. This is what makes each of our design solutions unique and based on logical arguments. 

At the same time, good design can only be effective if it is more than just the right look. Design needs to be bold and have an instinct for disruption. Nothing is more boring than orderly design. Abandoning the conventional and expected creates an emotional radiance so powerful that no one can turn away. 

We don’t have a “house style”. Instead, we are strongly committed to each specific project and try to develop the best possible solution for each individual situation – with body and soul.

Trust your senses!

– Corporate Design
– Logo
– Colour World
– Typography
– Visual Imagery
– Shootings
– Icon Developement
– Illustration
– Layout System
– Implementation
– Brand Guardianship
– Guidelines
– Trainings for Employees

So arbeiten wir

Analysis of brand stylistic elements
Integration into brand strategy
Visual concept development
Message development
Implementation support
Brand Guardianship


Sport Münzinger

Brand identity relaunch

Sporthaus Schuster

Brand development, corporate design

Bäckerei Zöttl

Corporate design and retail concept