• Campaign idea
  • Concept and implementation
  • Posters
  • Seasonal banner
  • Seal
  • Campaign supporting measures 
  • (balloons, employee buttons, stickers)


A campaign for the culinary classic

Bäckerei Zöttl

Zeichen & Wunder showcases the pretzel for Bäckerei Zöttel, and effectively proves: This family-owned business stands for superb baking and delicious products.

“The campaign posters will be on display throughout Munich all year long.”

Susanne Lang

Leitung Projektmanagement, Zeichen & Wunder

Zeichen & Wunder developed the idea and concept for an inspiring food campaign currently running all over the city of Munich. As part of the logo, the pretzel is more than just a mark used to identify Zöttl. It is part of our cultural heritage, and it receives far too little attention. No one is better at creating interesting pretzel variations than Bäckerei Zöttl, offering new, delicious versions, like the vanilla or honey mustard pretzel.

Posters featuring elaborate, detailed portraits of pretzels get people in the mood to enjoy the Bavarian classic and its many variations. A seal used consistently throughout the campaign gives the posters their distinctive character. The result is a sophisticated, yet down-to-earth campaign – just like Bäckerei Zöttl.