Sporthaus Schuster

“Employee” image campaign


Concept development

Campaign concept and realisation

Imagery and photo shoot

Headline and copy development

The task
Zeichen & Wunder has been Sporthaus Schuster’s lead agency for nine years. It was necessary to develop a new image campaign in order to clearly set the store apart from the competition in a mountain sports city like Munich. The goal of the campaign is to position Sporthaus Schuster as a popular Munich original with years of tradition, real expertise in mountain sports and personal advice. At the same time, the tone should be very likable and slightly tongue in cheek. 

Our idea
The new image campaign focuses specifically on Schuster employees as the brand ambassadors of the family company and calls them by name: Sabrina, Ernst, Simone, Robert and Marcel all share a passion for Alpine sports. Their personal experience makes them the most capable and expert salespeople to provide customers with advice. Each employee’s handwritten first name serves as a striking hook. 

A long-standing tradition in the catalogue photo shoots is to feature Schuster employees in extreme motifs. This campaign made this visible to the public for the first time. The campaign was supported by ads in SZ magazine as well as striking light boxes and a façade panorama on the store building. It was also visible on backlit posters (City Lights) and pillars throughout Munich’s city centre as well as large posters in the entire S-train network. 

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