• Key theme development
  • Writing of master copy
  • Imagery and storyboards
  • Creation of "Brand Book"
    and "Brand Card"


The essence of a brand:
The Schuster brand story

Sporthaus Schuster

“Wir sind der Schuster” (“We are the Schuster”) is the title of Sporthaus Schuster’s new brand bible, which compiles all themes and stories about the “Sporthaus des Südens” (“South’s sporting goods store”). As such, the brand story is the next step in the development of the retailer’s complete and overarching brand communication, which Zeichen & Wunder has spearheaded for over 12 years now. This exclusive book and the newly reopened store on Munich’s Marienplatz bring the unique character of the brand to life.

Venerable, long-standing companies with rich histories like Sporthaus Schuster have countless stories to tell – and a very strong sense of their brands. But many of these often remain within the company, or get lost completely. We developed an exclusive book to share this history with a larger group of employees and partners, defining the most important themes and imagery for the Sporthaus Schuster brand in around 80 pages. We use this as the basis to create unique stories that project a truly distinctive and comprehensive image of the brand. Covering topics ranging from the identity to all levels of brand communication, this tool is a practical, helpful resource for everyday use.

“The Schuster Brand Story is the next important step in many years of consistent, strong brand management. It’s wonderful to see how everything intertwines and comes together.”

Irmgard Hesse

Managing Partner, Zeichen & Wunder

The neat Brand Card summarises the most important aspects of the Brand Story. It keeps the brand core, tagline and key themes at hand for all brand ambassadors – clearly organised and easy to remember.