Sporthaus Schuster

2014 World Cup Campaign


Overall concept development
Campaign concept and implementation
Imagery and photo shoot
Headline and copy development

The task 
Sporthaus Schuster wanted to launch a unique, inspiring and high-profile campaign to get everyone excited about the World Cup – and also sold jerseys from all 32 countries in the tournament. Schuster consciously wanted to set itself apart from the ubiquitous black, red and gold colour scheme throughout Germany and focus more on the Brazilian lifestyle. The campaign was to be featured in communication, at the POS, the store façade and shop windows.

Our idea 
We were inspired by the tile artwork found throughout Brazil, the most famous example being the “Escadaria Selarón” in Rio. Large, colourful mosaics characterising the different venues were used to create a Brazilian flair throughout the store.

The façade featured a panorama in line with the “Brasil 2014” theme, and was illuminated in brilliant, eye-catching colours with light boxes. Real eye-catchers included the Brazilian flags in the shop window and at the “Caixa” (cash registers), as well as the 20-meter long stairway banner “masterpiece” that flows throughout the entire building. A selection of free postcards featuring colourful motifs was also available as a little giveaway during the campaign.

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