• Overall concept development and project management
  • Digital concept development and implementation
  • Design development and detailing
  • Communication and presentation concept
  • Production preparation and control
  • Architecture: Oettle Ferber Associates
  • Photography: Annika Feuss


SAP Intelligent Entertainment Park at CEBIT


A trade show exhibition for the brand, customers and products

We constructed a 60 m high Ferris wheel for the SAP exhibition at CEBIT Campus 2018 to symbolize the constant change occurring in our global world. Visitors had 10 minutes during each ride to focus on the latest topics concerning digital transformation. With a total of 45 cars, this meant up to 1,500 discussions per hour – an unbeatable number of contacts for any trade show.

The Ferris wheel was a radical supersign that dominated the entire trade fair grounds – both at the event and in the press. People found it approachable and charming, and it had a strong emotional impact: The chance to be outside in the sun for the first time – and on into the night! SAP did not have a conventional trade show booth in the hall this year.

Zeichen & Wunder has been SAP’s lead brand experience agency for trade shows and events since 2011. 

The Ferris wheel itself is a showcase: the “SAP Intelligent Entertainment Park”
Installed sensors and cameras continuously measured the number of visitors, capacity, speed and other data. The showcase at the entrance to the Ferris wheel included an interactive model to show people how they can use SAP Intelligent Enterprise Software to plan complex events, such as festivals and fairs.

An open-air customer experience 
We decided not to build a classic trade show booth for SAP to supplement the highlight installation. Instead, the SAP Campus, spanning 2,300 m2, consisted of a temporary main building and several different showcase boxes.

“Since 2011, our overarching goal has been to make the SAP brand more approachable and personal. Helping people understand and experience the direct customer benefits behind the frequently complex products is an important part of this journey.”

Marcus von Hausen

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter