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An energetic, beautiful brand identity

Maria Galland Paris

Fresher, younger, more contemporary: The redesign for the professional skin care brand Maria Galland Paris is designed to appeal to existing customers and new audiences alike.

The new brand identity clearly reflects the brand DNA, celebrating the French roots of the brand and the story about founder and namesake Maria Galland. At the same time, the focus is shifted to the direct connection between energy and beauty in line with the new tagline: “L’Énergie de la Beauté”.

„Die Geschichte um Gründerin und Visionärin Maria Galland hat uns von Anfang an inspiriert. Ausgehend von diesen Wurzeln haben wir die Marke inhaltlich und visuell emotionalisiert.“

Michaela Zeman

Ansprechpartnerin für Pressethemen

The brand brochure is one of the first media to entirely feature the new typography, brilliant colours and special wording. “Soin De Beauté” carries customers into the world of the brand in an especially charming way: in a refined, yet unusual format, featuring fascinating stories and imagery that appeals to the reader’s emotions.

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