Hörgeräte Seifert

Brand identity and campaign


Strategic consulting 

Brand identity development 

Campaign concept and realisation

Headline and copy development

The task
With over 70 locations in Germany and Austria, Hörgeräte Seifert is a friendly, popular family company in a market now saturated by major providers. The profile of the established expert advisers was to be enhanced along with the development of the brand identity, and suitable communication was to be developed.

Our idea
We developed the “Für die leisen Töne im Leben” (“For life’s quiet sounds”) campaign on the basis of the new brand identity. Unlike vision aids, it is necessary to break down people’s barriers to using hearing aids and create a true basis for trust. For this reason, the motifs show people interacting with each other. Atmospheric pictures featuring delicate colours and an interplay between sharp and blurred elements show people of all ages in trusting moments. The handwritten headline underscores the company’s personal touch. 

The campaign included advertisements in the national press, such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, as well as advertising pillars and backlit posters (City Lights).

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