• Workshop
  • Brand architecture development
  • Overarching communication concept
  • Logo with symbol
  • Abbreviated logo version
  • Seal “Die Stein-Erfinder”
  • Tagline
  • Typography
  • Colours
  • Imagery
  • Brochure concept
  • Fleet
  • Merchandising
  • Brand guardianship


Brand design and communication


We developed an authentic brand appearance with a strong emotional appeal for the market leader in concrete, reflecting the company’s passion for the material. 

Step 1: Brand identity and tagline

After our strategic consulting and group workshops to adjust the brand identity, we developed the distinctive tagline as a first step: “Die Stein-Erfinder” (“The Inventors of Stone”) expresses what the Godelmann brand stands for in a clear, self-confident way. It also shares what the brand offers to its customers: creativity, ingenuity, individual solutions and services. 

Step 2: The new corporate design

The familiar “Godelmann” wordmark was translated into a more contemporary version while the lettering itself is based on a historic logo, paying homage to the company’s roots. The new brand colour, “Glutrot” (“fiery red”), and the emotional imagery reflect Godelmann’s intense passion for its business and material. The new brand identity will be used across all channels, in print, online and spatial applications – generating even more enthusiasm among B2C and B2B customers for the surprisingly subtle topic of stone. 

“Medium-sized businesses are becoming increasingly aware of just how important it is to have a professional identity that is fully based on the core of your brand. Godelmann is certainly an industry pioneer in this respect.”

Marcus von Hausen

Managing Partner, Zeichen & Wunder