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Förderverein Villa Stuck e.V.

20 years Villa Stuck


Logo development, corporate design 

Posters, invitation 

Anniversary communication


The task
In 2012, Villa Stuck celebrated its 20th anniversary as a museum and foundation of the city of Munich. The Villa Stuck society planned two events to mark this occasion: A charity exhibition and major auction in collaboration with the renowned Sotheby’s auction house, where works by artists such as Mel Ramos, Gerwald Rockenschaub and Yoko Ono would be sold.

Our idea
The theme of the two-day event was “20Stuck” (“20 pieces”), as the 20th anniversary exhibition was to display and auction off 20 works from 20 different artists. The idea was to overlap the numbers “2” and “0” to be read as either “20” or “02”. This prominent hook for the 20th anniversary clearly showed that the activity consisted of two events – the exhibition and the auction. The key visual showed the fighting Amazons, one of the main works produced by the noble Munich-based artist.

The budget for this small, yet exclusive event was tight, which is why the poster series was especially important. Produced in a small print run, it was the “heart” of the communication mix. The series consisted of three motifs: The striking event logo, the fighting Amazons as well as a list of the 20 prominent artists with works involved in the exhibition and auction. 

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