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Bringing the museum of the future to life

Förderkreis Naturkundemuseum Bayern

The museum completely reinvented the idea of man and nature with the pioneering name BIOTOPIA, a vibrant logo and the motivating tagline “Explore Life”.

The emphasis on the “O” refers to the essence of life itself. It invites people to experience the brand and identify themselves with BIOTOPIA.

The logo inspires curiosity about the company’s goals – to pique people’s interest in life sciences, contribute to a balanced relationship between all species, and find answers to environmental challenges such as species extinction. 

The BIOTOPIA brand design brings the museum’s re-invention to life, transforms ordinary guests into motivated researchers, and serves as a beacon to scientists – half a decade prior to opening day.

„Wir möchten die Menschen dazu ermuntern, das Leben in all seinen Facetten zu entdecken – und sich dabei von ganz neuen Erkennt­nissen und Perspek­tiven über­raschen zu lassen.“

Prof. Michael John Gorman

Gründungsdirektor von BIOTOPIA und Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für „Life Sciences in Society“, LMU

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