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The task
It was necessary to create a new brand identity for Becker Büttner Held (attorneys, auditors, tax advisers) and the associated corporate consultancy BBH Consulting. The firm decided to change its identity due to its strong growth (locations in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Brussels) and the increased significance of the company’s brand design in competing with other companies on the market. The main focus of this effort was to develop a corporate design that reflected the unique character and mindset of the law firm across all locations. 

Our recommendation
In the initial meetings, it was clear that revising the design alone would not be enough. For this reason, we recommended a thorough analysis of the mindset and identity of the BBH brand, followed by joint workshops to protect and redefine these elements. We only started to develop the design after completing the attribute and character profiles of the brand. Everyone agreed that the aspect of strength has always shaped the collaboration and teamwork at Becker Büttner Held. The preferred design approach chosen for the logo as the main design element effectively reflects this mindset. 

The new wordmark is based on a calligraphy design which features the three initials, B, B and H, drawn using a single continuous line. Thanks to its unique typographical design, the wordmark has a very personal, friendly and professional look. The logo is an individual and modern symbol, featuring a distinctive style and clear, self-confident colour. We also re-designed the firm brochure and designed all accompanying communication materials, the website, as well as the brand and design manuals. 

BBH Consulting, the brand consulting firm associated with BBH, has also adopted the new visual identity. Today, the attorneys, auditors, tax advisers and consultants all share the same consistent look under the “BBH” umbrella brand. 

“The design is cooler, more consistent and more modern,” explained Dr Ines Zenke, attorney and BBH partner. “Most importantly, we can show that we are here for our clients as the BBH group – offering legal and technical expertise.”

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