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Work Hard, Eat Smart: Brand Design

Basti & Lorenz

A unique brand design for a unique concept: We developed a fresh and friendly identity for Basti & Lorenz, a new food startup. 

Friendly and full of energy: We named the new brand after its two founders, Basti & Lorenz. The tagline “Work Hard, Eat Smart” reflects the Munich-based startup’s clever concept: A power pack of four freshly prepared bowls that ensure a consistently high level of energy and well-being for the entire day. 

“Startups in particular tend to underestimate just how important an effective brand design actually is, and how intense the process of developing this design can be. Creating an independent and distinctive brand identity is an essential part of creating a real unique selling point.”

Marcus von Hausen

Managing Partner, Zeichen & Wunder

We created a customised brand design and extensive range of applications to get foodies, workaholics and connoisseurs excited about the new product. The logo with the handwritten company name creates a personal connection to the two founders. The organic shapes, design elements and patterns are inspired by the ingredients of each bowl. The brilliant yellow colour makes a friendly, accessible impression, and highlights the idea of the energy provided by fresh food.

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