Brand design experts

Owner-run, independent and free. We stand for powerful ideas. Born at the heart of Munich – successful around the world.

Brand strategy

We help companies to develop a unique brand personality. By supporting our clients in defining their brand values and finding a strong positioning, brands become forward-looking and future ready.

Brand identity: Bringing a new level of clarity to brand management allows you to take easier, quicker decisions based on a well-founded rationale.

Brand Story: Telling the riveting stories behind a brand lets people get to know and understand the brand. And to fall in love with it.


Brand design

We give companies and brands a distinctive brand personality and undeniable charisma. With a clear corporate design and inspiring visual concepts that are deeply rooted in the brand strategy.

Brilliant brand design is a powerful and effective tool. That’s why we analyse precisely which concept adds the most value to your brand. For lasting, measurable results.


Brand spaces

We design memorable experiences by portraying brands in unexpected ways and making a lasting impression. Seamlessly blurring the lines between analogue and digital.

Our aim: Create brand experiences that deeply move people and let them connect with what makes a brand stand out. This requires gutsy, innovative solutions – something you can always count on us to deliver.


How we work

Word for word

We love hitting the right tone. Literally. Language is a decisive tool, no matter the discipline

Insatiable curiosity

The more we know about a project, the better the results. Our creed: Keep asking questions and creating new visionary ideas.

Bigger together

To us, team spirit is power. Collaborating creatively as partners leads to captivating ideas and brilliant design.

100% commitment

We fully embrace your challenges and ideas. Snappy, vibrant brands truly stand out.

Never ordinary

Against the grain and not afraid of making waves. We think and work agilely to find new, bespoke solutions.

Eye on results

Brilliant design is effective design. We analyse precisely which concepts add the most value to your company – for measurable results.

Trust your gut

What Irmgard Hesse and Marcus von Hausen started over 25 years ago is today the story of our success. Owner-run, independent and unwaveringly curious – at the heart of Munich.

Our team of over 50 creatives, strategists, and designers adds up to much more than the sum of its parts. Ideas, exchanges, and clever strategies come to life here – a place that for many years has been among the top 20 CI/CD agencies in Germany. We click with partners and clients who share our passion for designing and creating brands that make a positive impact on society.

Sports, culture, technology and beyond, our clients work in a wide range of fields and sectors. And they share our enthusiasm for profound yet creative branding and snappy design that makes a lasting impression. Committed, curious, genuine: We love brands that speak to both our hearts and our minds. Trust your gut.